Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Birthday

I enjoy asking my patients how old they think I am. I've gotten everything from 17-24. I'll give you a hint. I'm older. I'll appreciate those guesses one day. For now, I want my patients to think I'm old enough to know what I'm doing. :) Oh well.

Guess what I got from Billie??

 We got the box in the mail several days ago. Billie thought he would be funny and put the box in the den and make me stare at it all week. Well, in one accidental glance, I saw a little tag that read "Cannon." Billie missed that tag. I asked him how bummed he would be if I figured out what the gift was. When I was sure it wouldn't hurt him too much, I went ahead and opened it early. After a couple years of only I-phone pics, I'm so thankful for a camera that can take fancy pictures again!

We had a little too much fun playing with the tripod before our date night last Friday. 

Back to yesterday, my birthday was definitely special. 

I treated myself to donuts after my "Annialation" workout class. The irony isn't lost on me.

And I got these gorgeous flowers from my Mom and Dad. 

I saw one patient at work (the perks of being part time!) Next I ran some errands. Then got ready for dinner.

My sweet work friends came to La Casita (my favorite Mexican restaurant) for a celebration.

The girl on the far right reminds me SO much of Leigh Ann. I immediately loved her when we met.

My work friends are wonderful and so fun to be with! I'm thankful for friends, for a good night, and for a great birthday. Thank you for all the texts, calls, and messages!


  1. Try working with kids and talking about age-humbling! Actual conversations I've had over the past couple of weeks:

    Me: I went to visit a friend over the weekend.
    Student (3rd grade): Wait. You have friends??
    Me: Yes I have friends!
    Student: Oh. Well, it's just that I know lots of people that are old like you and they don't have friends.
    Me: They do have friends, they just don't play like you and your friends do.
    Student: Oh.

    Student (same one, different day): How old ARE you?
    Me: I'm 27.
    Student: Really? You look way older than that.
    Me: Well, I'm not way older. I'm just 27. (I laughed at him-I think he really didn't understand what was funny)