Saturday, May 18, 2013

Date night

Friday nights have become mine and Billie's "date nights" and cheat days from our weekday healthy eating. 

I thought it would be fun this week to plan a date for Billie and let it be a surprise. So I wrote him a poem with some clues...

Dinner was at Pizzeria Mimosa, which I heard about from a friend of ours. Billie loves Italian food, so I knew he would enjoy this "cheat." This restaurant is one town over, but not too far! And it was beautiful! The restaurant even had a little Italian market inside, which sold wines, pastas, etc. The outside patio was strung with big lights. We will try to sit out there next time!

 After dinner was bowling, and there is a bowling alley on post. I was so excited because I love to bowl!

I realized I had set myself up for failure when Billie reminded me that he took "bowling" in college. And got an A. Needless to say, he beat me by about 30 points a game. OK, 70+ if we are being honest. Don't judge me. I did get a strike. Billie got 4. In a row. They don't even have a name for that. My husband is seriously good at everything he does.

Pictures to prove: Here is the boy who took bowling as a college course...

And the girl who... did not...

Although I'm not competitive, it hurt my pride in a surprising way for Billie to see me doing so bad at something. When I told him this, my sweet husband retorted  "but at least you're good at the things that matter." I love him. 

I would love your comments on a fun date night you have had! Please share. :) And FOLLOW me if you are not already!

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