Friday, May 24, 2013

Spouse Night Out

Tuesday night was "Spouse Night Out" on post. I'm new to the FRG (family readiness group) email list, but apparently they have monthly events like this for the Army wives. I was excited to go and meet some new people!

The event was at the Arts and Crafts Center on post. I learned that they offer everything from pottery-making to photography classes there. For spouse night out, we each got to pick a piece of pottery to paint. They had everything from piggy banks to knick-knacks to coffee mugs.

And look at all these colors to choose from!

Since my birthday was this week, I chose this Happy Birthday plate. Growing up, my family had a tradition. We had a "Happy Birthday" mug with multi-colored balloons and confetti. Whoever had a birthday got to drink hot chocolate in bed and open gifts while the rest of the family sang "Happy Birthday." I have the sweetest memories of those times. 

So I thought Billie and I could start a similar tradition, but with a plate!

 Hard to believe that this....
 Became this.... huh??

 The instructor kept giving me a hard time about how many "crystals" or "speckles" I had painted on my plate. But it was accidental! She gave me the last of a bottle to use, and I think all the crystals had sunken to the bottom! When the pottery is fired, those crystals pop. So aside from the jokes, I was really nervous about how it would turn out. But I love it! I want to go back and paint again.

On another note, I embarrassed myself just a bit. The wife of the Battalion Commander was at the table with me. I had met her once before, so I *kind of* knew who she was.
Here's how our conversation went down:

me: "____, isn't your husband my husband's boss? I remember seeing him at the brief a while back."
Wife A: "Um... technically, he's everyone's husbands boss here."
me: "Oh."
Wife B:" Katherine, is your husband in MICCC?"
me: "Um, I don't think so." (Thinking: Who the heck is MICK??... :/)
Wife C: "Is your husband in Alpha Company?"
me: "Um, not sure about that either."

As the conversation went on, I had abbreviations and numbers swirling around in my head. Battalion, brigade, company, alpha, charlie, 111th, 308th... ahhhhhh!!!!

So when I got home, I asked Billie for some education. He drew out a diagram for me and then we practiced.

My friend Nikki told me today that it's kind of like an Elementary school... 
Brigade Commander is like the Superintendent.
Brigades are like the whole school.
Batallion are like the entire grade. 
Companies are like each class in that grade.

I'm just hoping Wife A didn't go home and tell her Battalion Commander hubbie that Billie's wife doesn't know squat. haha

Oh well. I'm learning. And "all you can do is axe." Am I right or am I right?? ;)

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  1. Love how the plate turned out,
    Looks like a fun birthday to me-all your faves-Billie, friends, flowers,painting, gifts and Mexican.
    All you were missing is me :(