Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New landscape

Our fantastic realtor recommended someone to help us "landscape" our back yard... Which consisted of red dirt when we moved in. 

"Landscaping" in Arizona mostly consists of rocks. A big change from the green grass and huge Oak trees I'm used to. But I'm embracing it :) We don't have irrigation in our back yard, plus I wanted something simple with low up-keep since we plan to rent this house out when we leave Sierra Vista.

Our landscaper actually harvests plants out of her own yard. So I drove to her house and took a look around to choose what I wanted. How cool is that? And she shares the same name as my Mom, so I immediately loved her. 

In case you are interested (Mom and Aunt Susan) :), I chose ocotillo (the tall one) and agave plants (the short prickly one). They both live and thrive off the natural climate alone.

Next, we needed some rocks. So I selected the kind I wanted from the stone company here. 

The catch? They deliver the rocks right to your house. And then dump them in your driveway. 

We got after it with shovels and wheel barrels and rakes. And by "we", I mean Billie, me, and a few people on the landscaping team. Here's the finished product. 

Mountains are on the other side of this lovely wall, but it had to be built. They will be developing 2-story houses behind us very soon. I'm trying to get over the beautiful view that was obstructed. :)

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