Saturday, May 23, 2015

SLP Month

Since last week was my birthday and May is SLP month, my coworkers planned a few surprises for me Friday. 

Outisde the therapy gym, they hung a poster with my picture, information about what an SLP does, and posters for staff and family members to write notes. How sweet?!

At lunch, I was blindfolded and had to taste-test different foods and textures I recommend for my patients. I was a bit nervous, but it was so fun. I even ate puréed green beans. I would like everyone to know this. 

The last item I "taste-tested" was a Double Doozie or "yo-yo cookie" as Publix calls them, which is probably mine and Billie's favorite treat in the history of treats. And my coworkers know this. 

2 chocolate chip cookies with icing in the middle. Like whoa. 

These are decorated for Memorial Day... They don't normally look like this. :) 

I received a couple cards, gift cards, and lunch from another staff member. It was such a fun and special day! Nicole, thanks for everything you planned to celebrate my birthday and SLP month! 

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