Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mugsy's Coffee

On Fort Campbell Boulevard near gate 3, there is a little gem coffee shop called Mugsy's. Nothing fancy. But my absolute favorite coffee.

This is their only location in Clarksville. If you go, try the "66 Nash Rambler". It's not on the menu. But it's a latte with coconut and almond flavoring. The latte is too milky for me, so I ask for a "wet" cappucino which has foam and just the right about of milk. My friend Kaitlyn also swears by their peanut butter blast latte. 

One more thing, you can text in your order and pick it up in 10 mins! 

Their hours are: 
Monday - friday 5:30a-6p
Saturday 7a-2p
Sunday CLOSED 

Mugsys, you can pay me later. :) In coffee drinks. 

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