Saturday, May 23, 2015

My birthday!

My birthday was so special this year. I woke up, brewed some coffee, and went immediately to the dining room table where I was keeping all the gifts I'd received in the mail. Like a kid, I began opening packages as quickly as I could. 

I got an essential oil intro kit, an electric griddle, a shaker, Delicious Obsessions herb coffee, and Miss Dior perfume! 

It was such a fun day at work. May is also SLP month, so my coworkers made it a lunch I wouldn't forget! More on that later! I received cards, gift cards to Target and Amazon, and lots of hugs and birthday wishes. 

After work, I drive to the Runners Hub for some new running shoes. My good friend works there, and she did my treadmill gait analysis. Turns out I'm an over pronator and need a mild stability shoe, if you're interested. Pretty cool to watch my run pattern in slow motion. 

She also surprised me with this incredible package of running stuff + a cupcake from Nerdy Birdie! 

Last night, I met some army wife friends for dinner. We ended up at Blackhorse downtown. There was a wait, but no one minded. I got my burger fix, which is what I was craving! Plus my friend paid for my dinner... So sweet. 

Thanks for the countless call, texts, and cards! Here's to 28.

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