Saturday, August 9, 2014

Family Visits

In July, we had family visit 3 out of 4 weekends. And we seriously loved every minute! 

First, Billie's dad and brother came in town from Louisiana.

All we were missing was Billie's sister from Washington, so the guys Facetimed (is that a word??) her every night.

We celebrated Mr. Michael's 30th ;) birthday with an ice cream cake, designed specially by Billie. It had dinosaurs on it. His second choice was a 3-tier purple Quinceanera cake. I talked him off the ledge. Practical joke-ster he is.

Good lookin guys huh??

We also did a little working out. Ok, the guys did a LOT of working out. I only did a little.

 Before you think these boys are from different families, I will disclose that Colby was a lifeguard this summer. He had a very unfair tan advantage.

Saturday, we ate lunch at Pharmacy then shopped at Opry Mills in Nashville. The guys competed at arcade games at Dave and Busters for a good hour. Boys and their competitive natures. I'll never understand. 

Weekend number 2, my parents and sister came to visit! 

Mom brought several thoughtful gifts, as always. She and Dad brought me some beef from the farm, a beautiful soap dish, an antique platter, and mine and Billie's wedding cake topper. (Which has been in Moms' freezer for 16 months... whoops!) 

BUT it was still absolutely delicious, plus we got to share it with family. WIN! 

Friday when I got off work, we all shopped around then stopped at my favorite coffee shop in town.

Billie gave my family a tour of Fort Campbell Friday afternoon. Then we ate dinner at Chelsea Bistro in Joelton.

Saturday, we ate brunch at Tavern in Nashville and spent the day checking out different areas and shops. We ended the day in Franklin, shopping on Main street.

It was so special to have my family here. My sister decided to come, which was an added bonus. She has 3 kids, and her sweet husband graciously took over so we could spend some sister time. I had not realized how much I missed her! I was teary for the whole day Sunday after they left. Nothing like a sister.

 Last weekend, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and 1-year old niece came in town.

We ran at the Greenway several times. That's my Mother-in-Law. I was trying to keep up!

Saturday night, we went to "Pickin' on the Porch" which is an outdoor music event every other weekend at MB Rolland Distillery, right over the Kentucky line.

We sat outside and enjoyed the music and sunset. Such a cool event.

Sunday morning, we took some Glamor shots before church.

My MIL and niece

I was sad for the month of July to end! It was so nice to have our family here. Now everyone has seen our house, been on post, and toured around our town. I can't wait to have company again!

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