Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Little Home Decorating

We've been in desperate need of den curtains. The sun sets behind our house, and while it is beautiful, it is blinding!

So when Billie was gone a couple weeks ago, I pulled the trigger and bought some curtains on sale at Pier1. I had tested and returned a few patterns from other stores until I found some I liked. I even considered having some made, but the price would have been much higher. For both curtains, I paid $70 instead of the $130+ it would have cost to buy fabric, liners, and have them sewn. 


The bold colors made me a bit nervous, but my taste is probably plain to most people!

I was determined to surprise Billie. So I hung these bad boys myself. With a drill and everything. 

I've also been wanting a painting for our dining room. So I bought the paint and painted one myself. I would be embarrassed if a real artist saw this, but I think it's just right for an amateur's wall. :)

These Majolica plates were a wedding gift, and I finally bought the hardware and hung them! 

It was a game when Billie got home... "let's see if you can find everything I changed/added/organized." He won. :) He even noticed the organized spice cabinets. 

And this is the view I'm currently enjoying with my coffee and blanket on the couch this Saturday morning.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love those curtains! Very impressed with your decorating skills :)