Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday in Clarksville

Our Saturday started out with a run at the Greenway. This little gem was quite a surprise. Google maps led us through an older residential area to this pretty place. Two trails to choose from... different distances. Mile markers along the way. Lots of people there with the same idea as us! 

Saturday night, we went to dinner with some new friends. And I'm happy to say I think we've met our match in foodie friends. :) Ben works with Billie, and his wife Louise is a physical trainer from Ireland, so I could listen to her talk all night! 

Louise had been hearing about this little place called Chelsea Bistro in between Nashville and Clarksville--- to be honest, it's in the middle of nowhere. In a shopping center. Very unsuspecting. But it blew us away. Authentic French cuisine.  All local ingredients. 

Bone marrow. That's right. 

"The fallback"

Additional pics of Chelsea Bistro, complements of Google... 

We will absolutely go here again. Drinks, food, and atmosphere were phenomenal. 

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