Sunday, February 2, 2014

New things...

This week brought a few new additions...

First up: Tobacco stick ladder from Miss Lucille's. Haven't decided what exactly I'm doing with it yet. But I like it a lot. $10

Second up: curtains for the guest bedroom!! Our friend Jared is coming to stay with us next weekend. And I figured he would appreciate a little darkness come Saturday morning. From Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Billie says this room is "girlie." But I like the words "pretty" and "cozy." You're welcome to visit anytime! 

Thirdly and most exciting... I got my very own Speech Therapy office at work!!! I was previously doing therapy in the corner of the rehab gym at the nursing home. But the noise and people can be very distracting for my patients with hearing, language, or cognitive impairments! So an OT I work with went to the big dogs on my behalf. And she made it happen! I'm oh-so-thankful! 

 It's a small space.  But it's mine. And it smells really good. That's all. 

Have a great week friends! 

1 comment:

  1. Love it!
    The ladder would make a great towel rack.
    The guest room look awesome. Very warm and inviting, not girlie.
    Your office is very functional. I think a lamp and a candle can make any space look good :)