Saturday, January 4, 2014

All moved in!!!

Friday morning started bright and early. We arrived at the house at 7:30. A cleaning lady, a painter (for touch-ups), and the floor guys were here (checking on the wood floor stain they had applied the night before!) Then the moving company arrived at 8:30am. While Billie checked off boxes as they came inside, I started unpacking as quickly as I could. The movers were gone 4 hours later, and we were left in a mess of paper wrapping and cardboard. I had to stop and take deep breaths frequently! 

Any time I would get stressed during the move, I would have a ittle talk with myself. It went a little like this: 

Self, how blessed are you that it took you two very full days to set up all of your stuff? (And it is just stuff.) Seriously. #firstworldproblems

Plus, we "closed" on this house in 12 days flat. I'm so incredibly thankful for the way God worked out our timeline. It's so nice to be settled before we both start work tomorrow! 

Here are a few house pics for your viewing pleasure. :) 

Entry way 


Please excuse all the boxes on the back porch! 

Our bedroom 

Guest bedroom

Dining room- I want to save up for a huge painting for that left wall! 


There is an upstairs bonus room which is still in progress. More pics soon. 

We are going to check out a church this morning. And did you hear... Crazy winter weather is coming in?? We are supposed to expect around 4 inches of snow in Clarksville! I will probably be driving half the speed limit on my way to work tomorrow. :) 

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