Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Craft Project: Necklace Hangers!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I went to Lowe's and mentioned starting a project??

Well, I finally finished it! 

Presenting... 2 necklace/bracelet hangers!

I bought one long piece of wood at Lowe's, which they cut into 4 smaller pieces. Then I bought knobs from Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off! Just make sure your wood is deep enough that your knob screws won't come out the back! 

I bought gold crackle spray paint, but it didn't work well for me. So I spray painted one hanger white. And spray painted the other hanger brown with crackle gold paint on top. (Although it didn't really crackle!) 

One other tip- when you buy knobs, make sure the knob is actually secured to the screw. A few of these knobs (the burlap ones and the pink one) spun around on the screw, which made it difficult to turn them. I had to use pliars to grab the screw and twist it in! That was painful and slow! 


  1. Love this! Question...How did you get the knobs in the wood? Twisted it in by hand?

    1. Hi Jules! I'm sorry... I've had trouble replying! Yes... Use a drill bit to drill the right sized hole. Then screw the knob in my hand.

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    1. ALSO! I commented on the blog because I got on my computer. Sure wish it would work on my phone :(