Thursday, November 21, 2013

Moving Time!

Our moving process began Sunday night: We cooked batches of soup and chili to get us through the next week, washed all of our clothes and dishes so they would be ready to be packed, and separated things we're taking home to Louisiana from things that could go straight to Fort Campbell. 

(We are planning to spend the next month in Louisiana with our families until we move to Fort Campbell around the new year!) 

Monday, 2 guys came and packed our entire house in one day! They did a great job... I think... We will know for sure once I reopen all these boxes at Campbell. :)

They were nice to leave our bed assembled until Wednesday, which was our "pick up" date. We were thankful to not have to sleep on our air mattress. :)

Then Wednesday came... along with this truck!

Complete with it's own guard dog...

They loaded every last box, and we said goodbye to our sweet little Arizona house. 

Now we are in a hotel until we leave early Monday morning! Billie and I are both working today and tomorrow, then spending time with friends and saying goodbyes this weekend! 

Stay tuned for more moving adventures! 

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