Saturday, November 23, 2013

Series of Goodbyes: Part 1

I mean my title to be funny, not depressing. Goodbyes are sweet when they are a reminder of how incredibly God has blessed us. 

Last week, Billie and I had lunch with the staff at our church office, where I've been working a few hours a week. They let me choose the place, so I chose the mall food court. Ha. (Ok, ok, there's this great salad place called "Fresh" plus so many other options for everyone to get what they wanted!)

I've said it before, that THIS will be what we miss most when we leave Sierra Vista. I never dreamed we would find such an awesome church here. Thunder Mountain took us right in and loved us so well. I will try not to compare another church or other people to what we experienced here. :) 

Then this week, there was a goodbye potluck lunch at the rehab clinic where I work. I said my goodbyes to everyone there and at the hospital, and they sent me off with this!... 

This huge basket included everything from 2 local wines, a really generous gift card, snacks for the road (including raw almonds--- they know me well), Kleenex and hand sanitizer. I felt so incredibly loved. The two speech therapists I worked with were awesome. They were funny, encouraging, and always there if I needed advice or another opinion. Huge blessings all around! I really felt LUCKY to work there. 

We also had food galore and THIS cake, which one of the physical therapists made herself! 
Top left: can you see the origami/swan-looking Apples? One of the PTAs crafted those babies. Incredible, huh? 

More coming soon... 

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