Tuesday, September 3, 2013

San Diego Part 1

You ready to hear about San Diego?? I'm ready to tell you. :)

Friday afternoon, as soon as Billie and I were both off work, we hit the road to San Diego... about a 7 1/2 hour drive.

And caught a pretty sunset on the way...

We made it to our friend Zach's house in San Clemente about 11:30 pm. Zach is a marine, stationed at Camp Pendleton. Billie grew up with Zach and his brother Jared (who was a groomsmen in our wedding.) We all graduated from the same high school in Louisiana. Jared flew up from Hot Springs (Billie edit: Hot Springs, Arkansas), where he lives now, to spend the week in California. Zach was such a great host, and we loved spending time with the two of them! As far as brothers go, you couldn't meet two guys more opposite!

Saturday morning, we woke up and drove south on I-5 to Oceanside, where we met my cousin Alex for breakfast. Alex lives in San Diego- He's in the Navy. I miss seeing him so much! This was actually his first time meeting Billie too!

me, Alex, and Billie
Jared and Zach, the brothers :)
 After stuffing ourselves at breakfast (I had an awesome chorizo omelet), we drove north to Irvine and did some shopping at the Irvine Spectrum, a gorgeous and BIG outdoor shopping center.

Well, I was the one shopping. The boys started off college game day at Dave and Busters. Did you notice Jared and I are wearing our LSU shirts? And Billie is in his Arkansas shirt, of course. After catching some football games, we played a few arcade games. I have always loved this bowling game (Billie edit: Skee-ball) and the basketball game below. Kid at heart??

Billie is good at everything, including arcade games. So I shouldn't have been surprised when he won 1,000 tickets at one time. He gave them to some VERY excited little kids.

 After Dave and Busters, we watched more football and ate lunch at the Yard House.

Then we I did a little more shopping. Here's a picture from Anthropologie, where I found the guys patiently waiting, reading books, and contemplating the use of some of the odder items in the store. 

In our little town, the main shopping is done at Target. :) So I loved being back in a bigger city and to have access to the stores I miss! Francesca, H&M, Anthropologie, to name a few.

After we left Irvine, we drove to Anaheim to the home of some of Jared's friends. What I saw of Anaheim was beautiful! And this family was precious. Heather and Tony (with their two little boys) were hosting their parents as well, but they welcomed us in to eat dinner and watch the LSU/TCU game in their gorgeous and super stylish home. When Heather served dinner, she made a comment about how it was all paleo! Small world, huh??

I didn't have my camera, but I took a phone picture of her delicious dinner... grilled chicken, pork carnitas with avocado salsa, roasted cocoa cauliflower, and roasted sweet potatoes and carrots. YUM!

Tomorrow, I'll show you my best pics from the San Diego zoo... See you then!

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  1. I love the pic of Billie with all of the tickets! lol priceless.