Sunday, September 15, 2013

Football Party!!!

Saturday, we hosted a football party at our house for Billie's squad guys/girls and a few other friends. Everyone brought a favorite tailgating drink and food. We watched the Texas A&M vs. Alabama game at 12:30 and then caught some of the Auburn game and the LSU game afterwards.

We had so. much. good. food! Grilled burgers and brats, buffalo chicken dip, ham & cheese dip, taco soup (recipe coming soon), sauce piquant with rice, deviled eggs, Neiman Marcus bars, oatmeal raisin cookies, mac and cheese, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, other bacon wrapped delicious things, 7-layer dip... the list goes on and on! These guys (and girls) can COOK! :)

You know how we love deviled eggs! Chives make them little footballs.
SEC standings to stay in theme

 I also made a tailgating staple in my family: PUPPY CHOW (in paper cones)
 My parents and aunts/uncles tailgate for almost every LSU home game. And during my college years, my Mom would make an extra batch of puppy chow for me to keep for the week. She always packed it in those gallon ice cream buckets. Well, when I lived in the sorority house, I would walk in my room and find my friends sitting on my bed with that bucket of puppy chow in their laps. :) Everybody LOVED it. We could put down some serious puppy chow.


the set-up

My friend Jen made these cute football cookies. She is quite the baker.
We had such a great time. I didn't want the party to end! Everyone else must have had fun too, because a big group came back around 8pm to watch the fight on tv... Mayweather vs. Alvarez.

Billie and I don't watch much boxing, but I knew about Mayweather. And y'all, I wanted him to lose. Even though he ended up winning, I think his pride is going to be his downfall one day. The way he talks about being unbeatable, the way money is always the center, and the way he walked around chewing gum while the national anthem was sung too... Pretty sad. 

Thanks to everyone who made it SUCH a fun day yesterday. I love Billie's friends and squad members. And we love having company!

Check back for the taco soup and puppy chow recipes this week...

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