Friday, September 13, 2013

First grilling experience...

We are getting ready for our football party Saturday! For the weekend, we are borrowing our friends' grill (Thanks Freemans!) :)

Take a look at this grill... not for amateurs huh?? Half propane and half charcoal. This thing means business.

I don't know the first thing about grilling, so Billie and I decided to do a test run last night! We cooked 1 lb. of burgers with Webber's hamburger seasoning along with some brats.

And we had a little guest observer...

Way to a woman?... A man who cooks and cleans. My man unloaded the dishwasher AND grilled us dinner all in one day. Am I a lucky girl or what?!? :)

 We consulted with my Dad, who is a pro griller. Here was his burger grilling advice:

Grill on 350*.
Cook for about 10 minutes on each side for thick burgers... Don't "squish" the patty with the spatula.
Internal temp should be about 150-160 when you take them off the grill (for medium).
Let the burgers sit for a few minutes then EAT UP. 

We ate the brats with spicy mustard and the burgers on a bed of butter lettuce with avocado on top!

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