Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Juicing adventures

I have been wanting another juicer since I was in grad school, when my mom gave me her old one and I burned it up! By burned, I mean I literally melted the plastic from overuse. A couple weeks ago, my friend Cindy told me about a deal she found for a brand new Jack LaLanne juicer for $60 (instead of the regular $100.) Her idea was for us to get it for church friends of ours who we thought could use it. When they informed us they already had a juicer, I jumped at the deal for myself!

Cindy, who I work with at the church, has the same Jack LaLanne juicer and loves it. So I went to Cindy's house thursday afternoon with a small ice chest full of random fruits and veggies for her to teach me her ways. 

In case you can't see what's in the picture, I juiced (in different combinations) celery, apple, kiwi, cucumber, kale, carrot, lemon, and ginger. 
 I've read different opinions on juicing. But here's what I think. This isn't a meal replacement... It's a way to pack some extra fruit and veggies into my day. I like the idea of juicing vegetables that I wouldn't otherwise eat. 

Cindy and I both juiced a couple mason jars full.... And bless her heart, there were splatters all the way up her cabinets when we were done. Definitely messy! But we had fun. We even sampled straight carrot juice and straight apple juice. Both were so sweet and tasty!

also had to share this picture. Last week, the church office staff went to lunch for Charity's birthday. We had such a good time. Midway through our lunch, the manager (I think) came over with a platter full of cookies just because she saw how much fun we were having together. How sweet!

Bethany, Meg, Kelly, Wayne, me, Cindy, Charity, and Pastor Randy

Have you ever used a juicer? If so, what do you think about juicing? And what are your favorite combinations? I'd love your feedback!

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  1. I've been trying new juice combos for about a month now. My kids love: carrot, apples, and pears. I love pear, celery, and ginger. I love everything but the clean up!