Friday, August 23, 2013

One man's trash...

We were given some duplicate gifts for our wedding that I haven't known what to do with since we moved to Arizona! Some - we didn't know which store they came from and some came from stores in Louisiana which would be too difficult to mail back to return! 

And I definitely don't want to do an Army move in November with extra inventory. Ya feel me? 

So I heard about a Facebook page that serves as a "Craig's list" for our area! I joined the page, took pics of my inventory, and wrote up detailed descriptions along with retail prices. 

My sissy is really good at this kind of thing, so I asked her for tips. After my first "sale," I texted her that this was kind of addictive! She responded that she could relate to my excitement. At one point she was getting rid of so much stuff that a friend jokingly asked if she was going to sell Lee (my brother in law) too. Haha

I've been pleasantly surprised by several people who were looking for exactly what I was getting rid of! A couple people responded immediately. You just never know! :) 

PS- if you are a newbie at the online selling world (like me), "PM me" means send me a private message. Haha 

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