Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friday Night + Fantasy Football

Friday night started out at a Hibachi grill in town with some of Billie's class friends. I pride myself in knowing all the Hibachi jokes, "butter fly" and "egg roll..." You know the drill. 

But one thing happened at Hibachi that was a first for me! The chef cut small pieces of zucchini and bounced them off the spatula and in to each of our mouths. Well, Billie is great at this. His friends have stories of Billie catching grapes in his mouth from all the way across the room, while the instructor was turned around. Proud wife. Well I'm also proud to say that I caught my zucchini first try. 

Sorry for the blurry picture!! I forgot my fancy camera at home! 

Billie and I shared a sushi roll, seaweed salad, and soup. Everything we tasted was great! 

Hibachi was just the warm up. Our second stop of the night was Applebee's for Billie's live fantasy football draft. 

I had discounted the night and planned to stay home. Because if you know me, you know that football isn't really my thing. I wish it was. But deep down, my favorite parts of football season are the tailgating- AKA food- and the socializing. But my friend Gwyn was not only accompanying her husband... She was drafting her own team! I was so inspired that I decided that the fantasy draft would be my first step to becoming a football wife. Billie was pumped that I was coming. 

Second success of the night... I endured enjoyed 3 1/2 hours of fantasy football draft at Applebee's. I must have looked distraught, because at one point, our waitress asked if I was doing ok. But I did it!

Since Billie is in 6 different fantasy leagues... Yep, six, hopefully we will get some money out of this gig. I mean, how can you be wrong 6 times?!? :) 

Can you feel the intensity of this picture??

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  1. I'm proud of you, football wife! You're lucky. Jon's draft lasts 6 hours (including a lunch break). This year we are going to draft in....wait for it....Vegas. This fantasy stuff is serious business. Welcome to fantasy football wifedom! Enjoy the ride :)