Saturday, July 20, 2013


I mentioned last week that Billie and I were supposed to be finding out our next duty station yesterday. Well, we didn't... Exactly.

We DID find out that Billie was chosen to be part of an add-on course here in Arizona until the end of November. But we still don't know where we will be going after that! The great news is that we should be able to be home with our families in Louisiana for Thanksgiving. A major plus.:) 

It was a little bit of the bummer to have the excitement build-up then realize Billie will have to go through the interview and slate process again in a month or two. BUT, we really are happy here. We've made some good friends, we have a house we love, and I have a great job. 

Speaking of my job, do you remember me mentioning volunteering at our church? After a couple weeks of volunteering, our pastor asked me if I would be willing to work three days a week (since I only work as a speech therapist 2 days a week)... FOR PAY. Um.... YES! What a blessing to be surrounded by great people and doing something that hopefully will impact somebody's eternity! 

His motto is, "let's find someone who would do it for free.... And pay them." :) cool huh? 

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