Sunday, July 21, 2013

My precious Grandaddy

My precious Grandaddy was honored at our home church in Louisiana today for... Are you ready for this? For teaching Sunday school for 65 years.

He loved his class guys so much but loved serving Jesus even more. I remember being little and watching him with his worn bible and notebook open, pen in hand, preparing his lesson for Sunday.

Calm and humble, my Grandaddy wasn't keen on the idea of being "honored," but he so deserved it.

I was so sad that Billie and I couldn't be there with the rest of my family, watching from the front row. But I asked them to take some pictures for us. This picture is from my sister and brings tears to my eyes.

I feel so blessed to have two Godly Grandfathers. War veterans, businessmen, and men with rock solid faith. With the understanding that in this life, we are just passing through. 

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