Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reservoir Hill Picnic

Billie told me about a look-out spot on post called Reservoir Hill. As soon as he told me about it, I decided we should go! Sunday afternoon I packed a picnic with some easy stuff, and we set out about 6:30... just in time to catch the sunset.

Being the picture-taker means lots of selfies.

My hubbie decided he would jog up the steepest hill I've ever seen. No big deal.

Paleo- approved picnic food!

Chowing down

Our picnic food included:
Deviled Eggs
Fruit Dip with apple and pear slices 
Baby carrots (no recipe needed)
Tuna salad (paleo mayo, grapes, walnuts, and canned tuna)
-Sometimes I do a variation with paleo mayo, celery, chopped apple, or craisins. You can do whatever you like! 

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