Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our new home

For those of you who didn't know, Billie and I bought a new house in Arizona. The building of the house was completed right before we moved. Although we're not sure how long we will be stationed in Arizona, we bought (instead of rented) in hopes of renting it out through a property manager once we leave.

Setting up the house has been so fun, but it was more work than I realized! I had to be patient with the process... unpacking and washing EVERYTHING, lining shelves, and furniture shopping. 

I've been getting requests for pictures... So here goes!


Master bedroom and bathroom:

Guest bedroom and bath:

Guest bedroom #2 will remain un-pictured... it's full of boxes ;)

Office/Billie's man room:


We are still waiting on our blinds to come in, and I need to get a little more gutsy with hanging things on the walls! But other than that, we are almost all settled! Wanna come visit??

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