Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome to Arizona!

Billie and I moved to Arizona a few weeks ago and have been slowly getting settled in. Just wanted to share a few of our feats so far... You have my permission to laugh.

1. I made Paleo chili (recipe coming soon) in a hotel kitchenette... wearing WHITE pants. (This may not seem like a feat, but I chopped onions with a butter knife). It was intense.

2. The wind blew my car door open into a truck at Target. Thankfully, the family was gracious and forgiving when I explained I'm new to these parts... and the 60mph wind.

3. Billie and I made three trips to the DMV for new licenses and to register our vehicle. I even had a name change, apparently. They fixed it.

4. We attempted to buy a refurbished washer and dryer from Tucson. The installation almost flooded the laundry room and caught it on fire simultaneously. Therefore, we took our happy selves to Lowe's and bought NEW appliances. Lesson learned.

5. We watched TV on a self-made pallet until our couch and TV stand came in. They were both back ordered. The TV stand was actually back ordered twice.

6. Billie flew to San Diego to get his truck, which had been shipped from Hawaii. Somehow when it came off the boat, the gas tank was missing. It's at the shop now.

7. I had two job interviews and then landed the PERFECT job for me. I accepted a position to work part time at a hospital and outpatient clinic here in Sierra Vista. Exactly what I wanted.

8. I officially became an Army wife- got my i.d. and everything. Now I can get on post without Billie, and most importantly, I can shop at the commissary (a.k.a. grocery store on post) which is tax free. Whoop!

9. Billie was promoted to Captain!! I got to attend the ceremony and pin him myself, which was so cool. It also entailed me punching him in the chest. Gotta love Army traditions.

10. We bought and assembled (well, Billie assembled) bar stools. Only after assembly did we realize they're about 6 inches too short. Apparently, our bar was made for giants.

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  1. Kat! I laughed as I read this post! Seems like you are on a GREAT adventure!!!