Thursday, April 18, 2013

Saturday in Tucson

This past Saturday, Billie and I drove to Tucson (about 1 hour and 15 minutes from where we live).

First stop was the Farmers Market. Really cool vendors- everything from fruits and veggies to coffees and teas...grass-fed beef and Alaskan salmon to baked goods.

We made it away with some coarse ground coffee for my French Press (which Billie is oh-so-excited about- NOT) and some spicy pineapple salsa which was great on leftover pork we had! If you love coffee, I recommend checking out The coffee is amazing, and the owners have a really cool story. The owner was wearing a shirt that read "coffee snob." I liked him immediately.

Then we ate lunch at Zinburger. If you don't know this about me already, I LOVE beef. Especially burgers. And Zinburger passed the test!

Next, I had my very first experience at Trader Joe's... which I've always heard is a smaller, less expensive version of Whole Foods. So of course I loved it! I stocked up on almond butter, almond meal, and really dark chocolate. Oh, and good mustard. I sound like a food snob huh? :)

Then we made a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond for a few more things for the house. Successful day!

Now I can't wait to visit some other places in Arizona. Phoenix and Scottsdale are on the list!

We were also told that our town has its own Farmers Market, so we are planning to check it out today! I will post on that soon. Happy Thursday!

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