Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 4th

This 4th was so fun! 

It started with some serious baking... Devils food cupcakes and caramel icing from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook. 


Mid morning, I drove to Lake Barkely in KY (about an hour from Clarksville) for my first open water training swim. My first triathlon of the season is next weekend, and I really wanted to get in some open water before the race. I met a friend of a friend there to swim. Her family has a camp on the lake and they were out boating. They were SO sweet and let me join right in. Casey, who is a two-time (I think) ironman swam with me while her family spotted us and cheered us on from the boat. We swam to a dock and back several times, about 33 minutes. I don't know how many yards that was. But despite the amount of lake water I swallowed, I left so excited for the race next weekend! It was so fun!!! 

After the swim, I drove home to get ready for a party at my place! 

Check out this wreath my friend Anne made. She has an etsy shop where she makes custom burlap and grapevine wreaths!
Also check out her Facebook page: Lottie Grace Designs. 

Last feat of the day... The grill. I've had my heart set on burgers. Nevermind the fact I've never independently used our grill. #determined 
After 3 early morning phone calls to my dad and some googling, I deconstructed, cleaned, and reconstructed the grill parts, hooked up the propane, prepared the patties, and lit that bad boy. I had some help for the actual grilling, and the burgers were PERFECT.  


Such a great day!!!

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  1. It was fun to see your 4th celebrations! "Go get 'em!" next weekend!