Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Updates From the Soldier

Apparently the guys at the coffee shop on base have a crush on my husband and wanted a picture with him. Can't blame 'em. 

Billie received a care package last week from the first grade class at our old school. He said this was his favorite package yet. The drawings and notes were the sweetest. For example... 

Here were a few other gems: 
"I hope you don't get hurt in war", "I hope you are a good Soldier", "You are a good Army man. Thank you for protecting our world.  Thank you for battling in the war.", "Be a good Soldier.", "Is the Army fun", "Are you safe", "I hope you win in the war", "I hope you have a great time in Afghanistan." "Is it fun to be in the Army", "How many wars have you had?" 

I can't even.