Saturday, January 3, 2015

Embracing the Mess

We left for Christmas with our house looking like this...

Why? Well, we had a little roof problem, which resulted in a leak down the wall (drywall damage) and into the wood floor. That resulted in a little mildew, requiring new wood floor and complete sanding and re-staining to match the rest of the house. When we got home from our Christmas in Louisiana, I began to feel a little panicky with this view. I told myself, "Take deep breaths, Kat. This is no big deal! Ok, don't take deep breaths because the stain is probably toxic. Ok, so go outside and take deep breaths. Oh wait, it's 20 degrees... Don't go outside."

In case you can't see the layer of grime covering our den and kitchen, here's a close-up.

Two days of sanding and three days of staining down. Most everything has been scrubbed clean. But we can't walk on the floor quite yet. So furniture is still stacked into our guest bedrooms. Oh well, just living the life. Embracing the mess. (At least, that's my mantra.)

On a more exciting note, our garage gym was delivered on Wednesday! By an 18 wheeler. Over 1,400 lbs of equipment and weights. Serious business.

I'm already dreaming of some pallet craft projects. Know of any good ones?? 

The finished product! It's game time.

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