Sunday, March 23, 2014

Easter decor + weekend updates

Yesterday, I got spring fever... fever to decorate for spring, that is.

Check out my new wreath:

All from cut-up floral bits from Hobby Lobby. 

I cooked and cleaned and enjoyed a pretty afternoon... windows open, sun streaming in, house smelling good, soup on the stove.

And did a little Easter decorating before our friends came over for dinner.

My friend Louise, who is from Ireland, made this REALLY good custard. She said they make this for dessert often in Ireland. It was like a mix between cheesecake and sponge cake. And it. was. good.

Her husband Ben, who works with Billie, made me my very own wooden I-Pad stand! Isn't this gorgeous?? I loved the one he made for Louise, and so he surprised me with one too. I think he could sell these!

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