Saturday, February 15, 2014

Personal Updates

Happy Saturday!

Along with Valentines, this is also Mardi Gras season for us southerners. Living in south Louisiana for 7 years, the traditions rubbed off! Well, mainly the food realted traditions. :) Of course. 

On that note, we are planning to have some fellow Louisianians over for gumbo tonight. They're bringing bread pudding! More on that later. 

But some updates... (warning: you're about to get a medical lesson.) I'm sharing because I am sure some of you have or will experience this!

For the past 4-5 weeks, I've been having a little heart issue. At different times, especially in the afternoon and night, my heart would start skipping beats. It would "skip" 1 beat after every 2-20 beats. It varied each time. It didn't hurt, it was just annoying and uncomfortable. Sometimes I'd feel dizzy. 

After a few nights of difficulty falling asleep, I called Lyndsay, our good family friend who is a cardiology NP back in Louisiana. She assured me that these are very common, especially in females my age. While it feels like a skipped beat, the firing is just "off," and there is a premature beat. Make sense? 

And a thousand things could cause it... Increased stress, lack of sleep, increased sugar or caffeine, thyroid levels being out of whack. 

With Lyndsay's advice, I went to the doctor on post JUST to make sure. My appointment was for early Friday morning. The doctor confirmed all of Lyndsay's words. This is called "PVC" or "PAC" --- premature contractions. And a cardiologist wouldn't give it a second glance for someone my age and activity level. She said it's only dangerous if your heart misses several beats in a row... So if it goes without beating for several beats. They went ahead and did thyroid blood work just in case. But all things considered--- I'm gonna live. ;) 

After a long week of work, I was bummed (read: jealous) that my hubby has a 4-day weekend. I want to be with him every chance I get! He was off yesterday, and I worked late. So I planned to just grab us something to eat on my way home. But he told me to come straight home. 

I walked in to this sight: a perfectly clean house. ( I had not done dishes or clothes all week, which is unlike me!) 
And some treats...
Wine, chocolate covered almonds, a red velvet cupcake, and a double doozy. I felt SO loved. 

Before I dove in to those, we tried out a new Mexican restaurant, El Bracero. It was packed and delicious! 

Great Valentine's Day treat. 

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