Monday, December 9, 2013


Hey everybody! I'm still here. Sorry for the slow updates.:) 

I have good news and bad news. Want the good news first? Yours truly got a job! I had a phone interview Friday followed by a great offer to work at a Christian nursing home in Tennessee. So I took it! I'll start working full time as soon as we move up there at the new year! 

Now for the bad news: we don't have a house. After our trip to Clarksville, we made an offer and have literally been back and forth with the builder for the past 6 days. We loved the house. It was by far our favorite. But we wanted a few things changed, and the builder just would not budge. So we rescinded our offer.

So--- extended stay motel it is!! :) Kidding. But maybe not. Ha. 

I'll keep you posted. Let's trust God together and see what happens, eh? 

On another note, I just left Lowe's with materials for a project. Anybody want to guess?? Updates soon... 

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