Thursday, December 19, 2013

12 Days of Christmas...

Since this is mine and Billie's first Christmas together as a married couple, Billie said he wanted to do something special this year. 

That something is "12 days of Christmas." 

I have received 6 gifts so far, and will receive 6 more leading to Christmas Day. How fun?? 

I was most impressed that Billie thought of this many gifts! He has always given great, thoughtful gifts, but I can't even think of 12 things I would want for myself!! 

He has blown me away. Here are my first 6. 

1 white coat from Francesca

2 Nike thermal running gloves

3 Armor All wipes (I love keeping my car clean!) 

4 things associated with yoga (strap, yoga pants, block, and towel) 

5 things from Thymes: perfume and soap (in my favorite scent, "Kimono Rose") + 3 lotion samples

6 "coupons" redeemable with my husband. I will forever smile thinking about Billie walking the aisles of hobby lobby looking for stickers!! :) 

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