Thursday, October 3, 2013

We made it home!

Louisiana greeted us with humidity! Whoa baby, I forgot what my hair does in the south. :)

Our first night back, we went with my mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law to a newer restaurant in Monroe called River and Rail. We loved it! Super fun atmosphere on the river. And yummy Mexican food. Although, Billie and I consider ourselves Mexican-food professionals now that we have eaten at La Casita (in Arizona) about 18 times. Man, we are gonna miss that place!

Wore my Arizona shirt to represent!

Train coming by...

My sweet Dad

Panaromic view, including my sissy's duck face.

On our first night back, Billie and I finally got the news... we will be moving to Fort Campbell, Kentucky in a couple months!

It's actually on the line between Kentucky and Tennessee. 1 hour from Nashville... 3.5 from Memphis... 3 from Louisville... 9 from home.

Getting Fort Campbell was a surprise . BUT, we are looking forward to making the most out of a new place. If the move is anything like our move to Arizona, we will have some fun in the process! 

We spent the night Google-ing every bit of information we could--- from housing to jobs to restaurants to running and triathlon races nearby.

If you know anyone who lives near there, please let us know! We will be looking for a house, a great church, and a job for me!

New adventure, here we come.

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