Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween time!

Billie and I went to a really fun Halloween party last night.

Billie was a character from Grease... I wish I would have gotten a picture for you! I was pretty proud that he even dressed up! 

Check out some of the spooky snacks at the party...
Deviled egg "spiders," pumpkin fruit skewers, a salami skull, and a spinach dip- puking pumpkin. 

me and Gwen
My friend Gwen is a party planning extraordinaire. Every last thing was thought of, including this "blood" stained backdrop for pictures! She even supplied me with the witches hat and broom.  :) Thanks, Gwen!

On a different note, I mixed peanuts and candy corn to make this "Payday" mix for our church small group on Friday night... how am I just learning about this?! I could eat my weight in it. And I just may have.

Hope you have a really great week.

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