Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunday Morning Bike Ride

Charity and I bike together about once a week, early in the morning.

This week, she let me borrow her road bike to try it out! I was so excited. I have a hybrid, which is a mix between a road bike and a mountain bike. And I love it, but I've been curious to see if a road bike feels different.

So we rode 20 miles towards Hereford early Sunday morning. Isn't this view awesome?

And in case you're interested, here are the differences I noticed between the hybrid and road bike:

- The obvious: Road bikes have curved, downward facing handle bars, instead of straight.
- The hybrid sits a little more upright. You're leaning forward a little more on the road bike.
- Hybrid tires are a bit bigger and stouter than a road bike. But not as big as a mountain bike.
- Road bikes are sensitive with steering (A little movement gets ya a long way!)
- Hills are still hills... meaning they're hard no matter which bike you're on. But I didn't feel as fatigued/out of breath climbing on a road bike.
- Hybrids can handle jolting and uneven road a bit more easily.
- Road bikes don't have a kick stand. 
- The seat is slimmer on a road bike... I'm still feeling this one! :/

My hybrid is fine for sprint distance triathlons (13 mile bike.) But if I set my sights on longer distances, I may want to look into a road bike! I'm checking the local bike stores for used road bikes. Maybe one day! :) 

The best news is... Charity offered to let me use her road bike this Saturday, when I will be competing in my second sprint triathlon. A couple other good friends are joining in too. So I'm excited!

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