Friday, August 16, 2013

At-home Crossfit Workout

Billie and I did this workout several days ago:

You do the workout as quickly as you can for time.
Billie did kettle bell swings and jump-rope double unders instead of air squats and sit-ups. 

Double-under action shot

Here's my action shot. ha

I haven't done Crossfit workouts consistently, but I've done a few since my triathlon in June (in addition to tri training.) So I am excited to see if it makes a difference in my tri performance tomorrow. Wish we luck!

Also, I've been wanting a kettle bell my size... and Billie surprised me with one this weekend! After the triathlon is over, I am planning to hit the kettle bell workouts hard. I can't wait! I've been finding lots of kettle bell workouts online. Apparently, you can do a lot more than kettle bell swings with these babies.

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