Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shopping in Tucson

Billie and I were given lots of great gift cards for our wedding. The problem is that our city is so small that we don't have many of the stores we got gift cards to! 

So I took advantage of my afternoon in Tucson, after taking Colby to the airport. I made lots of stops, and here are my new finds!

Patterned pillows from Pier1...

A pretty confit jar from Pottery Barn...

Summer-y vase fillers from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (as well as some not-so-exciting stuff like trash bags and coffee...)

And a new Calphalon 12" pan, a Le Creuset tea kettle, a Kuhn paring knife, and oven mitts from Williams-Sonoma!

Apparently yellow is my new favorite color? :)

Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma were side-by-side in this gorgeous shopping center called La Encantada. This whole area was beautiful!

I stopped over for lunch at AJ's, a health food store in the same shopping center. I never thought I would say it, but it was like a Whole Foods on crack! It was gorgeous!
After getting a salad from the salad bar, I sat down outside to enjoy it. A realtor in the area, Bob, came up to me and started a conversation. When he found out I was new to this part of Tucson, he told me about all the art galleries nearby. His wife actually manages one! He gave me his card and directions to the gallery so that I could go by for a tour, if I was interested. I was ready to get back to Sierra Vista, but I would have loved to stop by! Maybe next time. :)

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