Sunday, June 30, 2013


First week of Crossfit=complete. I am so incredibly sore. Everywhere. I can't move in my sleep without waking up. Feel sorry for me.

My first class was one-on-one training of the 9 fundamental crossfit movements: air squat, front squat, overhead squat, sumo deadlift high pull, medicine ball cleans, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, and deadlift. (If that means anything to you?!?) The coach had me complete 10-15 of each perfectly. I was so sweaty and out of breath by the time I left. And I haven't been able to walk normally for the past 4 days. You should see me try to sit down.

Second class was one-on-one intro to the gymnastics aspects: burpees, box jumps, ring dips, hand stand pushups, pull ups, double unders (jump rope.) So now, not only can I not walk normally, I can barely lift my arms. You should see my try to brush my hair.

Third class was a 2-hour group "fundamentals" class. The instructor decided to focus on those 3 fundamental squat moves. After we practiced good form for a while, then we did a timed WOD ("workout of the day"). The WOD was:

25 air squats
20 front squats (with a 25lb bar)
10 overhead squats (25lb bar)
*three rounds of this as fast as you can, for time.

I finished last. Haha

I typically am not motivated by the competitive, yelling, high intensity stuff. And it hurts my pride to be so bad at all these new moves. I thought "maybe this Crossfit thing is not for me" about 10 times this week. But I'm hoping that crossfit will improve my cardio ability. It's high intensity workouts with constantly varied, functional movements. And crossfitters are known for excellent endurance. So I'm gonna stick with it for a bit.

Case in point: Billie's resting heart rate is 42. He is so strong, but on top of that, he can handle the cardio piece like a champ. He consistently has the highest scores at this crossfit gym.

I think my only redeeming quality at this point (as far as crossfit goes) is that I'm Billie's wife!

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  1. Keep truckin' friend! I go to my first Crossfit class tomorrow 6pm(CST). Prayers are appreciated. LOL. :o)