Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Phoenix Part 2

On Saturday, Billie and I woke up and worked out at the hotel gym then walked to the Breakfast Club in downtown Phoenix.

Cool atmosphere, open space, and good food!

Downtown Phoenix has lots of cool coffee shops. And I'm a sucker for a cool coffee shop. So we went to Cartel Coffee Lab to load up before we hit the road.

Next stop: The Peach Festival at Schnepf farms in Queen Creek. I had read online that they were selling out of peaches so quickly that they were taking hay rides of people out to the orchards to pick peaches for themselves. So that's what we did!

They were selling every food you could want: peach pancakes, peach ice cream, hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches, peach pie, cinnamon rolls, hamburgers... The list goes on! Tons of people, music, and a fun atmosphere. 

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