Monday, May 13, 2013

Day in Bisbee- Part 1

Bisbee is a small hippie town about 30 minutes away...full of charm and character. We were given some recommendations of things to do there. So I planned our day Saturday and we set out! I even did my best to dress the part... Cut off jean shorts, a plain white shirt, gold leaf earrings, several casual bracelets, and a sling purse! 

Gorgeous drive....

Stop #1: Screaming Banchee Pizza

Gas station turned restaurant. SO much character and awesome pizza. 

I haven't been in many pictures lately (since I'm normally the one taking them.) I was determined to change that :) 

Stop #2: Bisbee Olive Oil

This building is 111 years old! The owner talked to us for a while. Free samples of everything! Billie and I left with rosemary olive oil, extra virgin olive oil spray, and olive oil lotion. I wanted everything in the store! Olive oil and balsamic vinegar flavors you could only dream about... meyer lemon, peach, sundried tomato, butter, bacon, garlic, chipotle, mmmmmmm....... OK, you get the picture.

Stop #3: Old Bisbee Brewing Company

Billie and I stepped inside and an employee explained the brewing process. Each batch is ready in 2-3 weeks and actually travels through pipes underground from the brew room to the store that you see in this picture, where it is served. How cool is that?!

I didn't want to overwhelm your downloading speed with too many pictures. So I'm saving the rest for the next post! Stay tuned. 

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