Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chalkboard project

I have a thing for chalkboards. And I was wanting a big one. Billie isn't as familiar with the latest fashion... So his response was, "a CHALKboard? In our den?" but he accompanied me to Lowe's as I set out to describe my vision and make it a reality.

We ended up buying a piece of drywall because it's not too heavy and it's inexpensive. I then painted it with chalkboard paint. It looked good. But too.... Plain. My sister and cousin recommended a frame. Problem? This board is a 4x6. Once again, Billie was a trooper and let me lead the way with my idea. We bought molding from Lowe's (where they now know us by name). Billie used this hand held saw board thingy and cut the molding like a champ. We used a Liquid Nails to glue on the molding, but it just wasn't strong enough. Billie ended up nailing the molding into the board.

The edges don't line up EXACTLY and there are nails sticking out the back. So it's not perfect, but it's ours. And for our first run at something like this, i think we did pretty good. :)


  1. Is Billie cutting the molding in your living room?! Too funny. Ya'll are just adorable.

    1. Oh Yes...sawdust everywhere! :) we didn't have another place to try! Ha.

  2. Sweet hubby!!! As kenlie says "Me Wuuuvvvv It!!"
    Love that you cn change it out for whatever is going on- parties, verses, notes to each other, seasons,etc