Monday, November 23, 2015

Book share -- "For the Love"

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Oh man. I love this book for so many reasons. It had me crying then laughing within the first few pages. (I'm capable of the full spectrum of human emotion within 20 seconds these days.) I think I recommended this book to 8 friends this week. Not kidding. 

From the Amazon book summary: "Jen Hatmaker bares the refreshing wisdom, wry humor, no-nonsense faith, liberating insight, and fearless honesty that have made her beloved by women worldwide."

My favorite sections are her sarcastic "thank you notes" throughout the book, in between the more serious subjects. Here are a couple to give you a taste... 

"Thank you, Obvious Warning Labels. Without you I might have stuck my kid in a washing machine, lit a match near an open gas line, used my hair dryer while sleeping, or, God forbid, not realized eggs may contain—wait for it—eggs. I have no idea how I ever function without you. (I almost ingested the contents of a lava lamp just yesterday, but your label made another quick save. God bless.)"

"Thank you, Instagram filters, for you have helped me put out many works of photographic fiction that make me appear younger, tanner, and thinner than I actually am. Natural lighting may be my nemesis, but Lo-Fi is my BFF. LYLAS."

"Thank you, Department Stores, for the flickering fluorescent lights, dingy yellow wall paint, and adjustable mirrors in the dressing room where I try on bathing suits. You are why I drink."

This book was a great reminder of how to take myself less seriously, stop aiming for perfection, and to give myself the grace I try to give to others. Jen hatmaker is a genius. 

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