Sunday, September 27, 2015

More on the weekend...

More on the weekend. :) 

When we got home from the ceremony, we slept for 1-2 hours then decided to get the day started. Billie was still on Afghanistan time, and I was still too wired to sleep! 

I had a few belated birthday presents along with a cookie cake waiting for Billie. Did you know that Great American Cookie Company has an individual sized double doozie cookie cake?? (That's two layers of cake with icing in the middle.) 

Friday for lunch, we met downtown for lunch at Johnny's Big Burger. I had never been, but it's famous around here. Right across from the University. Been operating since the 1950s I think! 

On the right is their famous creation... "Bun and Cream"- a grilled honeybun topped with ice cream! 

Friday afternoon, we all ran at the Greenway. Then that night, we celebrated Billie's birthday at Liberty Park Grill. 

My inlaws left Saturday morning, and Billie began his half days of reintegration briefing, which will go for 7 days. Then he will be on block leave and we will be traveling to... St. Lucia!!!! 

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