Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day of Fun in Nashville

Kaitlyn and I planned a day of fun in Nashville last weekend. We are both researchers, so we picked our top places for brunch, coffee, and dinner. We scoured menus and narrowed down our choices. Here was our day-- 

First, breakfast at Marche! 

Almond milk latte 

Greens and omelette with sausage and ratatouille 

After breakfast, we drove to Franklin and shopped around Main Street. A few gifty items and some spices from the Spice shop. PS- Franklin Tea closed-- bummer! 

After shopping, we drove back to Nashville and picked a new coffee shop to try. Landed at 8th&Roast! 

After coffee, we drove to 12 south to shop. I found Avarcas on sale at Imogene and Willie-- yippee! 

These are not my feet-- I borrowed this pic from the Avarcas Instagram page. :) But this is the color I bought! 

Then we ate an early dinner at Epice, pronounced "A-piece", a Greek restaurant right on 12 South. 

Food. Was. Amazing. I got lamb because, well, I felt like I should. It was incredible. 

We also got some Jeni's ice cream before the drive home. :) Such a fun day. I love Nashville! 

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  1. You must have "rolled around" at each place to make room for the next foodie stop.
    Love the shoes. They look like you :)