Monday, March 9, 2015

I can't count the way my friends and family served me this week. Thanks to everyone for your cards, calls, texts, and extra hugs!
The day Billie deployed, I had a few little surprises waiting on me at work.... 

First is this list of 25 things to do during deployment from my friend Nicole. I work with three girls whose husbands are either deployed now or will be soon. We refer to ourselves as Team RAW (rehab army wives.)

Another friend came in on her day off to bring me a cupcake from my favorite place in town... Nerdy Birdie gluten-free bakery. 

Around lunchtime, I had a delivery in the front office... An edible arrangement of fruit (and chocolate covered fruit) from the rehab department. 

A friend of Billie's shoveled the snow from my driveway while I was at work Saturday. 

I've thanked God repeatedly this week for His provision and for my friends and family. Y'all have reminded me to find ways to serve other people! Thank you! 

PS- The soldier made it safely to his final destination and is settling in well. Long days right now, but we are getting to talk each day. 


  1. How precious.
    I love the list...such a cute idea. And of course I would be deeplymoved if someone bought me something sweet to eat :)
    So thankful for the support your friends and coworkers have shown you.