Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend Fun

I'm so thankful for Army wife friends. And for busy weekends while Billie is away! 

Friday night, my friend Louise brought over sushi. She said "sweats are mandatory." Music to my ears. :) We ate the Naruto roll, which is wrapped in cucumber, from Kisoro. We also tried a new wine. Called Butter. That was a no-brainer!

Saturday morning, I ran 4 miles with Nicole and Brandy. They're training for a half marathon here in Clarksville in October. 


 Then we kayaked the Greenway. It was a bit low, so we spent most of the morning pushing ourselves out of rocks! But we had some good laughs and enjoyed the pretty scenery. If you're in Clarksville, you can rent a kayak from Blueway Adventure for $30. They'll drive you to the Blueway, put you in the water, and take the kayaks out of the water when you arrive at Billy Dunlop Park. Pretty sweet deal.


After kayaking, we ate at the new Brgs N More...

YUM. Just a tip: the patties are thin, so get a "double" or "triple," or you might feel cheated. From one burger lover to another.  Also, cajun fries all the way.

Saturday night, we got dressed up and went downtown to celebrate Nicole's birthday. We ate dinner at Cloud 9. And I'm not too proud for a bathroom selfie, because I wanted to show you my entire outfit from TJ Maxx (except for the necklace, which is from H&M.)

At the end of the night, we saw Grease at the Roxy, which is Clarskville's quaint downtown theater. It was a perfect girls night!

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