Friday, July 11, 2014

Chicago Part 2

Day 2 in Chicago started with a scenic walk to breakfast. We considered doing an architectural boat tour in this area, but I felt like our dinner cruise the night before met the need. 

Breakfast was at Wildberry! We arrived at 8:30, and there was already a wait. But it was worth it! Our food was served in probably 3 minutes. And. it. was. delicious. (See proof below.)

Billie's pancakes (He also got eggs benedict)
My eggs benedict

After breakfast, we walked RIGHT across the street to Millennium Park!

We witnessed a yoga session on the Great Lawn

The Bean! That thing is so stinking cool.

The Crown Fountains-- the facial expressions change when water isn't spewing!

From Millennium Park, we took a taxi to the Museum of Science and Industry-- about 8 miles away.

Military and spouses get in FREE. How cool it that?

My favorite exhibit was the body exhibit. Mannequins displaying each of the body systems, a large heart projected onto the wall which would beat in rhythm with your heart, and a display slamming a Twinkie. I mean, listing all of the artificial ingredients which make up a Twinkie.

We did pay extra to see the WWII Omni max presentation (thanks Dramamine, for making that possible) and the tour of the German U-505 submarine. Both exhibits were totally worth it.

This U-505 was brought to the museum in 2004, lowered down, a roof built over it. 

The U-505 still has some of it's original flooring...

After leaving the museum, we went for some deep dish pizza at Pizzeria Uno. Funny thing is, since it's always crazy busy, a Pizzeria Due was built across the street! Same menu and everything.

After our lunch induced carb coma, we took naps, then visited Argo Tea Cafe for some caffination.

Check out this building...

Here is a church down the street from our hotel... I loved the architecture and the greenery.

We still had some Chicago eateries to check out, but I felt so sick from lunch that we ate dinner (and Sunday lunch) at the Whole Foods salad bar downtown.

Hard to enjoy vacay with a belly ache. Am I right??


Sunday morning, we jogged from our hotel down to Lincoln Park. Did you know you can go to the Lincoln Park Zoo for free?
View of the city from Lincoln Park

After our run, we had breakfast at The Yolk. It had me at the name.
I got the Ironman Omelet, which also had me at the name. Funny thing though, it was made with egg WHITES only. Hmmm. So I told them to send me yolks and all. Side note: If you're scared of eggs, or egg YOLKS, check out this post from my favorite dietician. Just eat the yolks people.

And that's all folks! We had a great trip. Thanks for reading.  

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  1. Pizza has tasted especially delicious this pregnancy. That picture makes me hungry just looking at it! I'm jealous of all your food, actually :)