Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter dinner

Last Sunday, we celebrated Easter Sunday with a great service at Grace Community. Then Ben and Louise had us over for a late lunch. Ben made some amazing smoked deviled eggs with bacon. I made broccoli salad (which I could eat every day!) and roasted sweet potatoes (not pictured), and Louise cooked a ham. 

Ben and Louise know my love for coffee, and they always make some for me using their Bialletti. This day though, I got a special treat... Bulletproof coffee. Have you heard of it yet? It's the "thing" in the paleo world. Coffee with butter and coconut oil, whipped up. Looks and tastes like the best latte you've ever had. Before you think I've gone mad, google some articles about the pluses of Bulletproof. The fat ratio is believed to enhance cognitive performance and induce slow, steady fat burning all day. Either way, it tasted delicious! :)

So thankful for a great Easter. For a Savior whose resurrection changes everything. And for friends He has provided for us here!

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